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Highly effective ore milling equipment

Le 10 avril 2018 à 10:24

Highly effective ore milling equipment

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the project, we have a special gatekeeper on building materials. From raw material selection, production line configuration, grinding powder equipment capacity and output size, must go according to the standard. Limestone powder is the lifeblood of cement, cement aggregate is the lifeblood of our project, every link can not be mistakes. Yunnan customers: Yunnan limestone is rich in resources, we also seize this opportunity to find a good partner, the processing of limestone powder will be so smooth. 
In Yunnan, our limestone powder is mainly used in the manufacture of glass, soda ash, caustic soda, ironmaking limestone as a flux, remove gangue, slagging slag made of raw materials to remove sulfur, phosphorus and other harmful impurities. In other words, the main criteria we choose to hammer mill is the high degree of wear resistance of the equipment, to be durable. In the long-term production line, ore milling equipment showed an amazing production capacity, working hours in more than 14 hours per day. Mill roller and grinding ring These main components are made of high manganese steel, long-term grinding limestone will not appear too much wear and tear. 
Anhui Clients: Our company purchased 5 sets of limestone powder production line equipment from Shibang in 2001, including ore milling equipment powder machine, shaker, classifier and so on. Particle size 200-400mm, into the size of the host mill \u0026 lt; = 25mm, can produce 600-1250 mesh ultra-fine powder. At the then limestone market in Anhui, we were the only company that could do ultrafine grinding with a production capacity of 600 tons and a year-on-year increase of 50-60% in economic benefits. Limestone powder throughout the country more and more widely used, and received huge economic benefits. On the one hand reflects the process of urbanization in China on the large number of ultra-fine limestone powder needs, on the other hand can also be seen ore milling equipment flour milling process has played a significant role. Behind the scenes hero, for the powder processing industry in China cheer.

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