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daily maintenance of vertical roller mill

Le 27 mai 2018 à 11:39

daily maintenance of vertical roller mill

The problem of excessive particle size in the production of vertical roller mill may be due to spring wear or spring and high pressure plate itself is too large, so need to replace or adjust the spring, and between the spring and the high voltage plate The gap is generally kept between 15-20 mm;
The second point: the problem of bearing heating that occurs in the production of vertical roller mill generally requires the operation of bearing lubrication or replacement, and the tightness of the upper cover must be ensured.

The phenomenon of abnormal vibration appearing in the production of ultra-fine mills may be due to the size of the feed material or uneven wear, unbalanced grinding rolls, improper foundation treatment, etc. Therefore, it is only necessary to ensure proper feed particle size. And replace the wear parts to ensure the stability of the foundation, such as checking the anchor bolts and strengthening.

The above is a detailed introduction to the content of high quality and routine maintenance, so customers only need to select high quality equipment and maintain equipment according to the manufacturer's requirements to ensure that the equipment brings good production benefits to the production process.

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