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vertical roller mill for slag waste recycling

Le 23 octobre 2018 à 09:48

vertical roller mill for slag waste recycling

In the use of slag waste production of calcium carbonate powder, the need for slag milling equipment, and under normal circumstances, we recommend that users use the milling equipment is 130X enhanced ultra-fine mill, the reason for the use of this device, the following two Reasons:


First, industrial heavy calcium or light calcium powder are mostly used in the construction industry, so the fineness of calcium and light calcium powder size requirements are not very high, usually between 200 to 400 mesh, and this Range is the scope of this vertical roller mill mill;


Second, the company developed and manufactured 130X vertical roller mill machine can grind a lot of material types, and relatively large hardness of the slag is one of them. For the above two reasons, we recommend that users use this product for slag waste milling.


What is the main application of the powder material obtained after grinding slag waste? The following shows you: The calcium carbonate powder obtained after grinding slag can be used as food additives (such as calcium tablets), plastic production (generally require the whiteness of calcium carbonate powder above 85 degrees), waterproof Material production (need to ensure whiteness above 85 degrees), paper industry, rubber production industry (whiteness of calcium carbonate is relatively high, roughly 94 degrees).

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