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Mining Machinery Supplies The Customers With The Mining Equipment

Le 28 octobre 2018 à 10:44

As is known to all, the earth's crust is rock, which is a kind of High Tech Raymond Mill composition mineral collection being made up of one or more mineral. By natural physical chemistry reaction or biological chemistry reaction, the crust generates natural elements with solid production of chemical composition or physical properties .And that forms minerals, the natural elements (such as gold, graphite, sulphur) or natural compounds (such as magnetite, chalcopyrite, quartz). There are various kinds of minerals and the minerals for human utilization called useful minerals. Ore concept is developing, with the growth demanding of the economy, resources distribution changes and the development of science and technology, more of the rocks may be upgraded to ore. At present in China, for example, the mineral collection with iron of 20% or more can be used as iron ore; And iron content less than 20% was divided into the rock. As the same, the definition of the gangue minerals is relative, too. It also changes along with the change of resources and economic and technological condition.


There are many kinds of minerals. Based on the nature of mineral and Lead Zinc Ore Crushing Line industry uses, ores are classified into metal ore, nonmetalliferous ore and flammable machine rock. According to the types of metal containing, ores can be divided into the single metal ore, multi-metal composite ore. Ore mining usually through the following steps: crushing and screening, grinding and classification, material separation, concentrates and residue processing, dressing conduction, etc.

Crushing and screening equipment

At present, the medium and small ore mining factories adopt second paragraph or three-stage crushing process; Large scale ore mining enterprises adopt three-stage crushing process; As the block of undressed ore is too big, some large factories also use four sections of broken open process. The typical crushing and screening equipments in ore mining plant are jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and sand maker.

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