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The impact of cell phone jammers

Le 5 décembre 2017 à 06:30

Rubriques : cell phone, gps, The impact of cell phone

cell phone jammer

When you start a legitimate handset scrambler, you can in a given area within the scope of any mobile signal shielding. 


In the case of the GSM network, the technology is the same as that used to destroy radio waves. We all know that our phones use a specific network of antennas to set up signals. What a wave interference is simply send the same as mobile radio frequency signal, and in this way, it broke the connection between the phone and the recent antenna. So France has a legal portable cell phone jammer!

With the development of science, many high-tech applications for flight is becoming more and more simple, in order to make this radio became the most important, we also pay attention to protect privacy. The interference of our mobile sales is a very good signal blocker, and it shows up - not only can it have interference with the cell phone signal but it can also be other radio interference with GPS wi-fi signals, such as bluetooth and interference with this type of thing, to do it. With them, privacy can make you better. We definitely interfere with GPS from great quality!

Trust (or not), interference are also present in the radio frequency, wireless camera (2.4 GHz and up) and low frequency, such as 433 MHZ for example (chacon, DIO, bryce (433 MHZ) for the part, and so on...
(oh, yes, you might have noticed that GSM also stirs, such farewell phone transmission SIM... -
Yes, but a "normal" alarm (including a certified cough) is the same!

Portable Multi-functional Jammers for Phone GPS WIFI or Video


I have an interference double frequency professional wireless alarm. That means it can get away from each other on two frequencies, so it's going to take two of my interference if it's 433 and 868 megahertz, but it's mainly equipped with a technology that's called "the radio".
In human language, this means that it detects radio interference and... Trigger (I made a painful sound experience).
I didn't write this article to explain the home automation equipment, including security module, I write that it is not a reliable, certified safety system! (d '
These solutions are designed to have a "family automation" thing that's a "home automation" thing. (turn on the light and when it detects you, when you're off, a window opens and you wait for it to open up) ), not on a housing security goal.
I hope you can think twice to entrust the complete security system alarm interference wireless home automation devices before...

Most of the alarms are now wireless, so some of the thieves used a GSM to swap out their cutting pliers.

GSM scrambler or "jammer" is indeed a new weapon for the mob to break the GSM alarm communication.

GSM jammer can be contained in a pocket, and the entry-level price is less than $50. This type of equipment equipped only with some of the organized criminals, a small part of the thief, but as long as this technology effectively, it should be increased. This type of device is regulated in French territory, at least for individuals, but of course we can easily get a "forbidden" mode by clicking on the Internet.

Safety instructions for jammers:
1. To ensure proper installation of an antenna and other accessories
2. In order to ensure sufficient power, yellow bag indicator lamp, red means power decrease, shielding effect is worse
3. Ensure that the base station is more than 200 meters
4. The protective effect depends on the city's environment, using non-suburban effects, and the distance from the city and the high density of mobile towers in the suburbs, which causes the movement to transmit signals in the mobile jammer.
5. When used, the protection instruments around the antenna cannot have metal objects and protective walls between the protective instrument and the mobile phone
6. High magnetic field, the effect of motion on shielding effect in environment
7. Portable desktop and installation height of 1.5m to 1.8m, preferably in.
Between 8. The duration of protective equipment may affect the shielding effect due to fever
9. The strongest signal coverage is not easy for bluetooth interference signal (mobile phone call, the protection device is generally not easy to block during the opening period)
10.There are some delays in the signal cell phone grid on .

11. and it's possible that the cell phone is still being used to signal to the cell phone, but it's actually not used on the phone, please, a standard practical effect.
12. GPS with masking function, please download the GPS jammer signal detection software, test the masking effect, or open the planning of test navigation function.
13. The platform from the mobile phone of the machine also WiFi function other protection device, has enough WiFi function, such as wireless car jam microphone. Audio. Video monitoring and so on.



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