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LED lighting for better energy saving

Le 10 mai 2018 à 09:59

Rubriques : remote control

This passage tell you guys something about LED and wireless lighting control.



The current trend is to seek to combine good energy performance and great comfort in the home. LED lighting contributes effectively to this goal.


Why choose LED lighting?

Among low-energy light bulbs, LED bulbs offer the greatest long-term electricity savings. Due to their exceptional service life and low consumption, they are surely the economical lighting par excellence. LED bulbs can be used everywhere and in all situations. They are suitable for wireless lighting all rooms in the house depending on the type and model. Also used outdoors, LED bulbs even infiltrate our pools, as waterproof models also exist. LED bulbs have evolved since their beginning and their light qualified as cold. Currently, they provide the same light as incandescent bulbs and for the happiness of all, their price has dropped considerably.


How to choose your LED bulb?

The selection criteria are numerous. In order of importance, the angle of the light beam is preferred. LED bulbs have different lighting angles from 30° to 160°. Other criteria, such as shape, colour, power, base, type and number of LEDs present in a bulb, depend only on the user's need. Classic LED bulbs have a beam effect with 30 ° angle. The improved version, used for uniform lighting, has a 140° lighting angle; ideal for main lighting. SMD LEDs, high power LEDs and COBs are just as efficient in wireless remote control lighting, but are still not very affordable because of their price. However, they can make your life more and more bright and convenient.

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