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Structural features of construction waste crusher

Le 8 décembre 2017 à 08:35

Rubriques : Construction Waste Crushe

construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher is mainly composed of crushing chamber, hopper chamber, distributer, rotor, driving system, header, pedestal and electromotor. Compared with other crushing machines, its structure has obvious advantages which will be analyzed here in detail by SBM Machinery.
1. Adjustability of technical parameters
As for other crusher machines, product granularity is usually changed through adjusting the size of discharging mouth, which has great instability as product quality and granularity composition will be different along with the degree of abrasion of the lining board. However, this will not be a problem to construction waste crusher. This equipment can adjust product granularity and ensure product quality through adjusting its own technical parameters such as adjusting the rotor speed or rotor diameter, supply flow of stone or supply gradation of raw materials.
2. Effective safety protective measures
In the design of maintenance door, SBM Machinery equips safety interlock system including door interlock, bolt structure, passenger lock and passenger key on the maintenance door as well as safety lock, stoppage key and stoppage lock on the EMX control cabinet. These safety protective measures will prevent the maintenance door from being opened in the running process of the equipment or when the rotor does not completely stop running after the machine is stopped and will prevent the equipment from being started in the maintenance process or when the maintenance door is not closed.
3. Unique structure of crushing chamber
SBM Machinery makes careful and optimized design on the crushing chamber of impact crushing machine and combines straight line and curve and sets up a lug device inside the crushing chamber, so that materials in the crushing chamber have an angle of repose, and at the same time, it greatly improves the crushing ratio and obviously improves the crushing effect.
4. Well-designed rotor
Open type structure design of rotor makes it able to sustain multiple impact and abrasion of super hard materials, and highly wear-resisting lining board and rotor blade ensure long time of use of the rotor and avoid repeated dismantle and installation of the rotor. In addition, the outside of the upper and lower board of rotor has protective board made of special wear-resisting materials which can totally avoid invalidation of rotor due to abrasion of the outside part of rotor and eliminate the economic loss caused by repair difficulty.
5. Advanced control system
The EMX control cabinet of impactor equipment can realize continuous current soft start and continuous current soft stop, which can smoothly increase the pull-in torque of the motor, thus avoiding impact and damage of big current and impact on the power grid, and at the same time, it has such protective functions as overload, block turning, undervoltage and phase lack. When the impact breaker cannot work with full load, it can improve the power coefficient and efficiency of the power and has outstanding energy-saving effect.
6. Green and environmental protection design.
In the working process, the vibration of impact pulverizer is very small, and the unique airflow transverter inside the hopper can make airflow circulate in the machine. In addition, this crusher equipment sucks in little air, so that there is little dust emitted, which is every important to improving air quality and operators health.

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