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Brief introduction to construction waste crusher

Le 27 décembre 2017 à 01:55

Rubriques : Construction Waste Crushe

construction waste crusher

1. Brief Introduction
construction waste crusher was named because it use the steel bars as grinding media in the cylinder body. The construction waste crusher which produced by our company has a series of advantages such as light weight, low cost, low energy consumption, low noise, low steel consumption and high productivity. It greatly changes the traditional construction waste crusher with the disadvantages of high energy consumption and large noise.
a. The main bearing parts
It adopts double row of spherical roller bearings which greatly reduce the spindle bore. This not only reduces the weight of the construction waste crusher and the consumption of idle work, but also can extend the service life and simplify the operation.
b. The power parts
The energy-saving construction waste crusher can save 20-40% of the motor power than the conventional mill. With this kind of mill, you can get enormous economic benefits. The investment of construction waste crusher can be recovered within two to three years because of the saving cost of motor power.
c. Transmission parts
The new design improves the force condition of bearing parts and reduces the torsional force of the cylinder. This lightens the weight and lode of the construction waste crusher.
2. The Usage
This product can be widely used in mineral processing field, chemical industry and building industry to grind the material. Wet lattice-type is used for wet grinding ore with different hardness; Dry lattice-type is used for dry grinding the ore with different hardness.
3. The Structure and Working Principle
The product is composed by the feeder, the barrel portion, the discharge portion, the bearing portion, the drive portion and the base portion. The steel bars are installed in the cylindrical body of the construction waste crusher and can generate centrifugal force with the help of barrel rotation. The equipment will raise the milling media to a certain height and then fall down, with the help of impact force, the ore is ground into ore sand and mineral powder. This process is known as the process of grinding.

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