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Aerosol products should be marked away from fire

Le 8 juillet 2019 à 01:05

Aerosol products should be marked away from fire

Warnings are warnings that are marked for safety reasons and are marked according to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations or product characteristics. For example, aerosol products should be marked “away from fire”; products containing benzophenone-3 should be labeled “dibenzophenone-containing”; hair dye products should be marked with appropriate precautions.

All in all, warnings need to be labeled according to the product and its composition characteristics, in accordance with the "Safety Technical Specifications for Cosmetics" and other regulations, so as to avoid potential safety hazards and label vulnerabilities.

Claim content

The claimed content on the label primarily indicates information that conveys the characteristics or functionality of the product, either implicitly or implicitly, and usually does not include mandatory content. Products claim to be more prone to false, exaggerated publicity and other issues, so it is a very concerned aspect of consumers, regulatory authorities, social media, and competitors.

Claims that are prone to questioning and controversy include: absolute terms, medical terms, depreciation of competitors, citations, common products claiming special effects, confusing raw material effects, and product efficacy.

In order to ensure that the content is legally and compliant, the company should be prepared to support the evidence and conduct the corresponding review work. On the other hand, it should always pay attention to the development of laws and regulations, so as to improve the ability of the product to respond to the challenge after listing.

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