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This filling and flavoursome food is made using rice

Le 23 aout 2019 à 01:14

This filling and flavoursome food is made using rice

It is super-creamy and very refreshing on a hot Valencian day and is served with fartons, a type of pastry served in batons that are ideal for dipping. A lot of the culinary delights that you see in Valencia today still hold their roots firmly in the cuisine of times gone by. The gastronomy of the Valencian Community cannot be discussed without mentionning an infamous dish that has become a symbol for the entire country; the paella. Something to drink Señor? Although Spain may not be renowned for good quality wines, the Valencian Community turns out a variety of tasty bottles. The student drink is served in bars throughout the city but particularly in the barrio of El Carmen. Fresh fruits are in absolute abundance here too.

The whites are dry and fruity and produced in Alto Turia and La Serranía and the reds, cheap but very palatable, are made in Requena and Utiel (worth a visit for an afternoon of tasting out of the heat and hustle of the city itself) and the Campo de Liria..Whilst all the typically Spanish dishes and beverages are readily available in eating houses and bars throughout the city, Valencia offers its very own diverse range of traditional and not so traditional food and drink.

This filling and flavoursome food is made using rice grown in the local paddy fields. Here you will be sure to find exactly what you need to make your stay an enjoyable, easy and relaxing experience. It was originally a peasants' recipe and, contrary to public opinion, a 'real' paella is made, not with seafood, but with chicken, rabbit and a few snails thrown in for good measure. I would say that you can't go wrong, but it's not for the faint hearted and I warn you, as refreshing and easy to drink as it definitely is, one jug too many and there's a fair chance you'll be crawling back home! To find your ideal holiday rental, go to We have a whole range of comfortable appartments available both in the city center and by the beach

Very occasionally, the wind will turn heat transfer suppliers, strengthen and blow very hot, dry air from the Sahara desert in Africa. With the cooling breezes, you may not realize you are burning until it's too late, and then your holiday is ruined. There may be an isolated thunderstorm but that's all. Despite the island being quite small, there are differences in the weather. Through the summer months from May through to October, you are unlikely to see any rain. Sometimes the sun can be blotted out by dust picked up from the desert on the high winds. Even on cloudy days you can burn so strong is the sun, so be very careful

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