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The enhanced laser capabilities

Le 12 janvier 2017 à 03:27

Rubriques : laser weapon

Military interest in laser weaponry is by no means new.And with President Obama's year-end defense bill increasing military funding for laser weapon systems by more than 50 percent, laser technology is expected to play a key role in future defenses worldwide.Each military service is developing laser weapon systems.Lasers make no sound when fired and can't be seen with the naked eye.

The US military has been experimenting with high power laser pointer for decades.The deal, announced on Thursday, is to assess the potential of the laser as a weapon, with the aim of having a product in place by the mid-2020s.The intention is to have lasers operational by the army and navy by the mid-2020s and by the air force by the mid-2030s.How long a laser can stay in contact with a target - and how much power would be required for the lasers.

It draws on innovative research into high-power lasers so as to understand the potential of the technology.The MoD has partnered with Dragonfire, a UK industrial team to create the laser weapon.Technology Laboratory (DSTL) told the BBC that the process will draw "on innovative research into high power lasers so as to understand the potential of the technology."

It draws on innovative research into high power green laser pointer so as to understand the potential of the technology.The enhanced laser capabilities is one of the innovations being explored by several organisations within the service.The competitive request aims to solicit research for the Air Force Research Laboratory's Laser Advancements for Next-generation Compact Environments project.Lockheed Martin developed a turret-based laser weapon that can be fired in any direction.


Powerful Laser Pointer

The Laser Engraver will be housed in a supersonic flight-capable pod to be developed under the Laser Pod Research and Development (LPRD) contract.Detailed identification of the crucial laser subsystem components selected for design.The development of the laser weapon system is expected to begin by 2018 and it is expected to be ready by 2020.The contract will test how lasers can be used to pick up and track targets at various ranges over land and sea.

The tests will see whether a laser can disrupt and eventually destroy drones, missiles and other targets.Enabled Elbit Systems to become a world leader in the field of lasers in general and laser designators in particular.On the other hand, the United States was on the verge of equipping armored vehicles with laser weaponry.US have convinced lawmakers to put in additional funding for high-energy lasers and RF-based technologies.

The HTPOW is a Humvee-mounted short-range Laser Sight weapon system with a minimum power output of 25 kW.Research into lasers and other direct-energy weapons has since advanced, maybe far enough to fulfill lasers' touted potential in military application.As technology evolves, laser weapons and rail guns may eventually replace some of the missile systems on board aircraft carriers.Adding lasers to the arsenal, integrated with sensors and fire-control radar, could massively help U.S. soldiers quickly destroy enemy threats.

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