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Development and Application of Laser Technology

Le 4 janvier 2018 à 01:10

Rubriques : Laser Technology

Due to the unprecedented development of the commodity economy, market competition has become increasingly fierce.

Laser anti-counterfeit label printing technology by the international printing community as the twenty-first century new printing, laser holographic anti-counterfeit labels is the use of the technology of laser-molded hologram products. Laser hologram is a combination of technology and art high-tech products, mainly used for anti-counterfeit goods trademarks and important documents, ID cards, credit cards, passports, currency and other security labels. Some famous domestic and foreign special products also use these trademarks. As an art deco, development of three-dimensional holographic product packaging materials, blue laser holographic printing technology is also widely used.

Holographic holographic products have three major characteristics: large-scale industrial production can be carried out; under the illumination of light reproduction of three-dimensional pattern, the color changes with the observation of the location changes; high productivity and low cost.

green laser pointer

Due to the unprecedented development of the commodity economy, market competition has become increasingly fierce. Product counterfeiting has taken place repeatedly. The spread of the product is so widespread that it is far more detrimental to the quality of counterfeiting. In order to prevent forgery, scientists carried out research on anti-counterfeiting technology. After decades of research, they proposed that "laser-embossed holography" should be used instead of the existing plate-making printing trademarks, thus effectively preventing trademark counterfeiting. At present, red laser pointer hologram labels are widely used in salt, imported food, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, home appliances and other fields. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the laser holographic packaging material beautifying packaging and security, not only for the product to increase security, but also for the product to create a high-end image, enhance product quality, so as to create a good shelf effect, more and more enterprises and Brand accepted. At present, it is widely used in tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics and other higher value-added products and pharmaceuticals, food, automotive supplies and other industries.

Many electrical industry in the appearance of sheet metal parts and complete sets of electrical components used in the installation of laser cutting machine processing technology, reducing production costs, received a better production efficiency. Laser cutting machine in the electrical industry is mainly used for the appearance of sheet metal parts and complete sets of electrical components in the installation of thin steel parts for cutting. Nowadays, after adopting this new technology in many electrical appliances factories, the product quality is raised, the production cost is reduced, the labor intensity is reduced, the traditional plate processing technology is improved, and the better production benefit is received.

Laser cutting is a high-tech developed in recent decades, which has higher cutting precision, lower roughness, higher material utilization and production efficiency than the traditional cutting process, especially in the In the area of fine cutting, high power laser cutting has something that can not be compared with conventional cutting. Laser cutting is to focus the energy to a small space, the use of high-density energy for non-contact, high-speed, high-precision cutting method.

In the process of electrical manufacturing, there are many metal parts and parts, and the shape is complex, and the process is very difficult. In the process of processing, a large number of tooling and mold are needed to ensure the quality of processing. The laser cutting technology in the electrical industry, not only can effectively solve the above problems, but also to improve processing quality, save processing and processing costs, shorten the manufacturing cycle, reduce labor and processing costs, improve processing efficiency and other large format plays an important role and value.

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