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Laser Cooling Technology

Le 1 février 2018 à 11:00

Rubriques : Laser Technology

With the continuous expansion of the automotive industry, many new technologies related to automobile manufacturing have entered the field of vision.

The chemical lattice of graphene is induced to change by short laser pulses. The duration of a single laser pulse lasts only a few seconds and polar molecules in graphene produce a constant oscillation like water waves. The researchers found that during the oscillation, external molecules or desired compounds can be added to the graphene by cutting the graphene lattice. The spot of the green laser pointer light can be concentrated in a square with a side length of 1 μm or in a smaller area so that the entire addition process can be controlled with high precision.

When light is input to the node, the output of the laser working at the node threshold is modulated, and the output of the laser is fed back to the node, creating a feedback circuit with non-linear features. With regard to the extent to which this nonlinear behavior mimics neural behavior, researchers have demonstrated that its output is mathematically equivalent to a "continuous-time recurrent neural network." Researchers used a network of 49 photon nodes to simulate the neural network and used it to solve the mathematical problems of differential equations. They found that this silicon photon neuromorphic chip can compare the arithmetic speed up 1960 times.

green laser pointer

Future advantages: the glass fiber manufacturing cost is low, the technology is mature and its optical fiber can be made of small and intensive advantages; glass fiber on the incident pump light does not require as strict crystal phase matching, which is due to The non-uniform broadening caused by the Stark splitting of the glass substrate results in a wide band of absorption; the glass material has a very low volumetric area ratio, fast heat dissipation and low loss, so the upconversion efficiency is high and the 500mw laser pointer threshold is low; Because rare earth ions are very rich in energy level and the types of rare earth ions as much.

Check the conductivity of circulating water. The purity of the cooling water laser cooling technology introduction is the key to ensure the laser output efficiency and the life of the laser condenser chamber. The conductivity of the recycled water should be checked weekly to ensure its conductivity. The internal circulation must be changed once a month Deionized water. At any time, observe the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system. If it is found that the color of the resin in the column becomes dark brown or even black, replace the resin immediately. Check and adjust the 200mw laser pointer resonator. Equipment operators can often use black like paper to check the laser output flare, once spot uneven or energy reduction and other phenomena, the laser cavity should be promptly adjusted to ensure the quality of the laser beam output.

With the continuous expansion of the automotive industry, many new technologies related to automobile manufacturing have entered the field of vision. Some new terms such as the application of laser tailor welded brackets to the bodywork, aluminum bodywork and continuous welding of bodywork have gradually become familiar to everyone. Tailor-made welding plate is the earliest by the domestic auto industry to introduce new technology, which does not reduce the body under the premise of a substantial reduction in body weight and reduce fuel consumption. However, the stamping process of 50mw laser pointer blanking the process of deep drawing of the cracking process has plagued the OEMs.


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