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Analysis of the Development of China 's Laser Industry

Le 6 février 2018 à 02:24

Rubriques : Laser Technology

China's laser industry competition showed a clear regional.

Since 1961, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed China's first ruby laser so far, China's laser technology has gone through more than 50 years of rapid development. At present, the high power laser products have occupied a large market share in China, initially with the strength of competing with large foreign companies in terms of product quality and performance.

At present, there are totally 5 state-level laser technology research centers and more than 10 research institutes nationwide. There are 21 provinces and municipalities that produce and sell laser products. There are over 200 perennial production and sales of stereotyped products and a certain scale. Domestic laser enterprises are mainly concentrated in economically developed provinces and cities such as Hubei, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Guangdong (including Shenzhen and Zhuhai Special Economic Zone) and other provinces and cities such as Central China, Bohai Bay, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta Large green laser pointer industry group, laser crystal, key components, accessories, lasers, laser systems, application development, public service platform has become a more complete laser industry chain.

green laser pointer

China's laser market structure is divided into laser processing equipment, optical communications devices and equipment, laser measuring equipment, lasers, laser medical equipment, laser components. China's laser processing equipment market occupy the largest market share of the laser market, the fastest growing, the future market development space is also the largest.

In addition, the domestic industrial laser applications market is also expanding, the field of laser processing continues to develop, in addition to textiles, clothing and other light and automotive manufacturing, aerospace, power and energy and other heavy industries, is gradually focus on fine, micro-processing, to the electronics manufacturing , Integrated circuit industry, communications, mechanical micromachining, as well as medical, dental, beauty equipment manufacturing and other emerging applications expansion.

According to the data released by Industry Research Institute of Foresight, the blue laser pointer market in China still maintained a growth of 15.1% in the global laser market with negative growth of 24.8% from 2008 to 2009, and the revenue of the laser industry exceeded 10 billion yuan Scale, reaching 11.540 billion yuan, becoming an emerging force in the global laser market.

With the overall recovery of China's manufacturing industry in 2010, its growth rate will be nearly 20% and the overall market size of the laser industry will exceed RMB13.7 billion. In 2011 and 2012, the market size of China's laser industry maintained a sustained growth of 15.116 billion yuan And 16.447 billion yuan. In 2014, the total sales of laser in China exceeded 20 billion yuan. In 2015, the total sales of laser in China was about 21.8 billion yuan.

China's laser industry competition showed a clear regional. In the economically developed areas with annual sales of 50mw laser pointer products account for about 90% of the total market, has basically formed the provinces and cities as the main Central China, the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the four major laser industry cluster, industrial concentration To a high degree. Competition is mainly the competition among the industrial chain groups in different regions, and the competition is fiercer.

In the product market, the high-end laser products are mainly occupied by multinational corporations in the United States, Japan and Germany, while the low-end products are dominated by domestic enterprises. For example, domestic high-power laser equipment market share of domestic products is only about 20%, while in the small and medium-power laser equipment products market share is up to 80%.

To small and medium-power cutting machine market, for example, China's small and medium-power laser cutting equipment industry is still in the early stages of growth, the domestic 500mw laser pointer equipment manufacturing enterprises are generally smaller, with annual sales income of more than 100 million laser equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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