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Useful Accessories and Modules for Optimum Safety

Le 21 mars 2018 à 09:00

RF Wireless
This passage tells us something about wireless system and rf remote control transmitter and receiver kits.

Today, there are a multitude of accessories and modules on the market that are very practical and easy to install, allowing you to optimize the level of security offered by an alarm system, whether wired or wireless. Focus on some of these devices.


Remote antenna - GSM transmitter

The main objective of the remote rf antennas for GSM transmitter is to considerably improve the transmission quality of the GSM mobile network of an alarm centre. Affordable, discreet and easy to install, it connects to the GSM Pro and GSM 350 modules. Thanks to its long wiring, it can be fixed in height.


Radio signal repeater

The use of this device is recommended when the central alarm unit is too far away from one or more peripheral devices. Indeed, it repeats and amplifies a signal, so that its range is improved and extended up to 1 000 meters. Some radio signal repeaters are also protected against interference and hacking attempts.



Universal transmitter for sensor connection

It is an accessory which is compatible with the elements of a wired alarm system and which transforms them into radio devices which can be autonomous or associated with a wireless alarm unit. Dedicated to indoor use, some universal transmitters for detector connection reach a range of 300 meters in open fields and are supplied with a battery with an autonomy of 10 years.



GSM call transfer module

This module is very useful in the event of a break or even absence of a fixed telephone line in a home protected by an alarm remote control system. It allows certain functionalities to improve the comfort of use of the alarm centre, but also, and especially, to send alert messages or calls via the GSM network in the event of intrusion or danger such as a fire for example.

Remote Control

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