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Swing gate operator: the cylinder operator

Le 30 mai 2018 à 03:57

Rubriques : remote control

This blog introduces something about cylinder operator.

Thanks to the motorization, forget the manual gate opening and closing chore. To automate your swing gate, you can opt for cylinder drive.


How does the cylinder drive work?

With the cylinder drive, one cylinder is installed on each gate leaf. These are long range remote control relay cylinders that allow the gate to open and close. By turning in a nut fixed to the gate, these function as screws.


Be aware that there are 3 types of cylinder

The pneumatic cylinder: operated with compressed air

The hydraulic cylinder: operating with oil under pressure

The electric cylinder: working by electricity.

Requiring a 220V supply, the actuator is very quiet.


As this motorization is placed in the continuity of the gate, it is more discreet. In addition, the space requirement when opening the gate is reduced. Now you understand better why cylinder drive is recommended when there is not enough room for the arms in the open position.


As far as price is concerned, cylinder automatism is more affordable than articulated arm automatism.


For what type of portal

Cylinder automatism remains a good option for the motorization of your steel or wrought iron gate (new or old). On the other hand, if your gate is made of wood, aluminum or PVC, bet for another solution.


Indeed, this type of motorization is intended for heavy and solid gates. By exerting a significant force on the hinges, it may damage the structure of the gate if it is not solid.


What about assembly and maintenance?

Involving several operations (installation of the cylinders on the pillars and leaves, installation of the motor and remote control kit, power supply wiring), the assembly of the actuator with cylinder remains the prerogative of a professional. It is therefore not advisable to carry out the operation yourself. A professional is the only one able to ensure an installation in the rules of the art.


For maintenance, simply grease the guide nut. In addition, the worm screw and joints must be lightly greased.

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