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Developing Direction of ore milling equipment Process

Le 24 février 2018 à 09:09

Rubriques : Ore Milling Equipment

ore milling equipment

The production scale of the ore milling equipment plant is larger and larger in the world, such as: the production scale of Antaibao ore milling equipment Plant is 18 million t/a, the production scale of Bailey Central Preparation Plant is 15 million t/a and the production scale of South Africa ore milling equipment Plant is 16.5 million t/a. Large modern ore milling equipment plant has prominent advantages such as: large capacity, high production efficiency and stability product quality. With the improving of the ore milling equipment plant's processing capacity, the disadvantages of the system also has been showing up. Strengthening the craft system's daily and periodic maintenance is an important guarantee to ensure the normal operation of the production system and reduce the production costs and improve the efficiency of ore milling equipment plant.
The system design of dense medium ore milling equipment technology is more complex, which potentially increases the investment and process costs. In the premise of ensure its high efficient we research this technology and hope to achieve the goal of reducing the investment and processing costs, which is also the main direction of other country. The major direction of the equipment is large scale. While the simplified design of the dense medium recovery system and the reliability research of the equipment are the important parts of the research.
Traditional recovery system of dense medium contains the curved screen, vibrating screen and magnetic separator equipment. The investment and power consumption costs of this system constitute the main costs of the ore milling equipment plant. The transformation of traditional magnetic separator is to design a new type of separator that the big particle materials can smooth pass which ensure the recovery indicators. The implementation of this program can greatly reduce the initial investment and process costs and has a good development prospect.

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