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Cheap Jordan Shoes Retro coming in 2018

Le 20 décembre 2017 à 09:25


Best Jordans Shoes saw alot of exclusive shoes become available just at that event, however, one of the most intriguing pairs was at the Union Los Angeles Booth. For a limited amount of people, the Jordan I "Top 3" was redone for the coveted "Black/Gold" colorway. However, another par will drop in JanuaryThe pair will drop in a colorway similar to the "Black/Gold Top 3" Pair. The shoe comes in a gold and black patent leather colorway, with a gold toe cap.
With the Latest Jordans Shoes Nike collection being as big of a hi as it was, it's only natural to reup the collection for 2018. Already teasing multiple pairs thus far, it looks like the Jordan I will also be making it's return to the fray.Done in the same stylings as the OG OFF White Jordan I, the colorway is instead changed to resemble the Jordan I "UNC".No word on a release date yet, but Stick with Sneakerwatch for more news as it is announced.
Cheap Jordan Shoes has been sporadically teasing the Lebron III return for the past two years now.Though there have been PE pairs made for Lebron recently, no word had come of a retail release.However, images have appeared for a Lebron III retro in the "Black/Gold" Colorway. The rumored release will happen on Oct. 2018.No word on anything concrete just yet, but stick with Sneakerwatch for more info as we recieve it.

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